For gracious skyey-Vocals & Lyrics


Tears on my StrinGs



Tears on my Strings Song about September 11th 2001 ©2002jlsJimmYSixStrinG™ 1. Go away, Don’t want to hear about it, What can I say? Do I have to shout it? You don’t understand, That’s not the games I play, I’m my own man, It had to end this way? CHORUS: Crying in my soul, As the telephone rings, Sparks fly with hope, High on eagles’ wings A shivered response, As the tel-e-wire brings, Sadness of heart, And there’s Tears on my Strings… 2. Your rules’ are not fair, The way that you play, I give and give, You take and take, The burning desire, That’s what I fear, Eternity’s too long, Not to have you, near, me. CHORUS: MUSIC: CHORUS: END