For gracious skyey-Vocals & Lyrics





Song about dreaming about traveling the country, you know how friends flock together while in school & talk & dream about what their going to do in life, just childish dreams, but it's fun, & who knows? (God)


Amsterdam ©1970jlsJimmYSixStrinGtm I turned & saw a mountain fall As it fell into the sea Just a reflection of me Then the stranger left me And I was set free Just for a while That’s what he told me He took my gold Left what he had sold me Broken down & scattered in space A ten dollar dime, wasn’t even Worth the time To separate from the human race… Chorus: Ten freaks headed for Amsterdam What do you think they’d hope to find Peace of mind……. I ran into another slave He was quite dry & brave Underneath the boogie So I halved my prize & We looked into each other’s eyes And smiled He began to say, he’d have to be On his way, as he was running Later…… Left me with a frown Said I’d hope to see you around Some day…. Chorus: